Financial Incentives and Wage Supports

A number of government-funded programs offer financial incentives to employers to offset the cost of hiring or training new employees.  To learn more about these subsidies and whether your business is eligible, see the links below.

Employment and Training Incentives

These incentives are intended to assist employers who provide job seekers with work experience, job trials or on-the-job training.  The amount depends on the position to be filled, job requirements, and clients’ skills, experience and training needs.

To learn more about these incentives, or to find out if your business is eligible, contact a local employment agency from the Service Directory.

Summer Student Wage Subsidy
Through the Ontario Summer Jobs Service, businesses, farms and not-for-profit and other community organizations can apply to receive a $2-per-hour-per student hiring incentive.

Apprenticeship Assistance
The Ontario Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit can help employers who take on apprentices reduce their training costs.

The Apprenticeship Signing Bonus encourages employers to register new apprentices in sectors where there is a high demand for skilled workers. It also encourages employers to hire and register individuals who have left school and require upgrading to meet registration standards for apprenticeship.

For more information, contact an Employment Ontario agency.



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