Local Hiring

For small and medium-sized businesses, hiring employees who live close to the company’s office or storefront has many benefits.  Employment services can help your business hire locally, by recruiting and screening suitable candidates who live in the surrounding area.

  • Greater schedule flexibility:  Employees who live close to the workplace are more likely to pick up a shift on short notice or come into work in the case of an emergency because travel time is reduced.
  • Connection with local consumers For retail businesses and services, employing workers who live in the area and understand the community can bring greater insight and understanding around groups of local consumers, their preferences and spending habits.
  • Word-of-mouth promotion:  Local awareness of your business grows when employees who live close to the workplace share information about their job and the company with friends and neighbours in the area.
  • Fewer morning delays:  Workers who live close to the office are less likely to get stuck in traffic jams or lengthy transit delays.
  • Reinvestment in the local economy:  For retail businesses and services, hiring local makes good financial sense.   Local workers are more likely to spend their earnings locally, strengthening local businesses and contributing to the sustainability and success of the local economy.



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