#CommunitySuggests -Social Media Camapign

#CommunitySuggests – Gender- Based Violence is Everyone’s Issue to Address

Toronto West Local Immigration Partnership (TWLIP),  Women Against Violence Action Group in collaboration with other Toronto LIPs is initiating the second  social media campaign to bring awareness to the topic of Gender Based Violence which is an issue effecting the communities we serve.

Gender-based violence (GBV) includes any form of violence that is based upon an individual’s gender, gender expression or gender identity and is intended to control, humiliate or harm the individual.  GBV includes various forms of violence such as domestic violence, physical violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, forced labour, human trafficking, femicide, cyber-violence and emotional and psychological violence (Ministry of Community and Social Services).

The campaign aims to bring focus to the communities’ suggestions of way to end gender based violence. These suggestions were gathered following our last campaign, in which we received over 180 suggestions on how to end Gender-Based Violence from the community. The suggestions were reviewed, categorized and merged to reflect the different themes that emerged from the collection. Our focus for this campaign is to showcase the most reiterated and attainable suggestions.

During this campaign we will be showcasing the suggestions, and tagging different agencies that provide the services/ resources. Through the #communitysuggests we hope to bridge the gap between community agencies and service users.

Follow us on Twitter @TOWestLIP, and support the campaign by tweeting at us using #CommunitySuggests and retweet our tweets.