Resources for Community Collaboration

Tamarack Institute
Tamarack provides workshops, research, institutes and an e magazine to bring inspiration, ideas and resources to envision and create vibrant communities.

Caledon Institute
The website of the Calendon Institute includes a number of publications on vibrant communities, refugees and immigration.

MaRS provides resources – people, programs, physical facilities, funding and networks – to ensure that critical innovation happens.  They stimulate, identify and harness ideas, nurture their development and guide the transformation of those ideas into reality.

Lodestar Foundation
This grant making organization, which has been at the forefront of supporting collaboration, has identified and showcased exceptional nonprofit collaboration effort through the Collaboration Prize.  It provides models and best practices for the field through the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, a resource for everyone seeking real-life examples of how nonprofit organizations are working together.

Ontario Trillium Foundation – Knowledge Sharing Centre
The Ontario Trillium Foundation promotes collaboration within the nonprofit sector through grants, research, forums and capacity building events.  Strengthening Collaboration in Ontario’s Not-for-profit Sector, a research report published in 2010, informs the foundation’s current and future work in supporting collaboration.

North Etobicoke Local Immigration Partnership Community Collaboration Toolkit
This toolkit, developed by Radha Nayar for the North Etobicoke LIP, includes information, worksheets, key questions and activities for groups, organizations and communities that want to increase or improve their capacity for collaboration.