Information for Private Sponsors of Refugees_Jan 21, 2016

January 21, 2016 @ Rexdale Community Hub

Information for Private Sponsors of Refugees in West Toronto

In collaboration with the Toronto Newcomer office, the Toronto West LIP successfully held the Information for Private Sponsors of Refugees on Jan 21st 2016. The event was led by the TWLIP Service Coordination Action Group and brought together more than 30 service providers and over 20 private sponsors, creating the opportunity for private sponsors to ask questions and find out about programs and services that can support their sponsorship efforts once newcomer families arrive in Toronto.

The event began with a welcome from Ward 1 Councillor Vincent Crisanti, followed by Joe Mihevc, Ward 21 Councillor and one of the City’s newly appointed Newcomer Advocates, who shared the importance of welcoming refugees in the City. Zena Al Hamdan, Programs Manager with the Arab Community Centre of Toronto gave a brief presentation on Syrian culture and the current refugee context, and sponsors had the opportunity to ask specific questions about cultural context and the sponsorship process. The event also provided an opportunity for the 30 service providers present to speak about the programs and services they offer to newcomers and refugees. The remainder of the event took an information fair format, where private sponsors and service providers could ask questions and network.

The event was a success in connecting private sponsors in Etobicoke and other parts of West Toronto with service providers who had information about services and supports they could offer to help private sponsors with the settlement process. The TWLIP’s Info Event was one of many happening around the city for private sponsors – for updated information on these events, please visit the City of Toronto’s Refugee Resettlement Program.

A list of organizations who attended the event is available here.

A listing of services and programs that organizations in West Toronto can provide to Newcomers and Refugees is available here.