TWLIP Member Organization’s Programs and Services During COVID-19

Access Alliance Community Health Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Elaine Howarth
Position: Community Health Worker
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416 760 2815

Name of Program Description
EarlyON Parenting Workshop  (Online)
This is a free virtual online platform for parents/caregivers with children 0-6 years of age to participate in our parenting workshops.  We will discuss topics such as healthy eating, isolation, and activities at home with your children and much more.  You will also have the opportunity to let us know future topics for discussion.
Youth Chat and Chill (Online)
Online check-in and new themed games every week facilitated by Youth Workers. For zoom link, please connect with a youth worker by direct messaging our Instagram account accessallianceyouth, or emailing us at [email protected]
Seniors Cardio Interval Training  (Online)
Get your groove on. In this exercise class, you will incorporate body weight movements in set intervals to promote cardiorespiratory fitness. Dance to old classics or recent hits in a continuous and rhythmic manner. Classes are taught Online and facilitated by a Registered Kinesiologist. Email [email protected] to register.
Food With Dignity – Take-Out at Jane Hub (In-person)
Our AccessPoints community hubs prepare hot meals for free take-out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who has the need for food security can come to our Jane Street Hub to pick up the food. Bring your own bags if you wish to take more than one home. First come, first served, while supplies last. NOTE: MASKS ARE REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR MEALS
Youth R Us (Online)
Online check-in for youth on Instagram. To join follow us on Instagram: accessallianceyouth
Seniors Tai Chi

In standing positions, this class will take you through slow and controlled movements while focusing on mindful breathing. The flow of movements promotes balance, mobility and awareness of body stress. Inspired by  TaiChi, Kung Fu and Qigong techniques. Email [email protected] to register
Arabic Women’s Support Group
Join the “Al Jamma” group for Arabic speaking women to learn about different topics of interest to you and your family members: Learn, chat and engage online [email protected]
1-1 Settlement Services
(In Person/Online)

(Online & in-person)
Access Alliance provides free settlement services to support newcomers through the challenging process of adjusting to a new country. This includes settlement counselling, newcomer education workshops and a resource centre for newcomers.  To find out more, see our flyer Make Yourself at Home” (PDF 3,353 KB).

Success Story
Arabic Women’s Embroidery Program
With the influx of Syrian Refugees in 2016, Access Alliance was on the front-line providing health and settlement services. Due to experiences of trauma and loss within the community, there became an urgent need for accessible mental health programs. This video demonstrates how Access Alliance answered the call using the evidence-based modality of Expressive Arts and the medium of traditional embroidery. Demonstrating an accessible and culturally relevant approach, this program models for how Expressive Arts can support the settlement and mental health of refugees and newcomer populations. Please see the following link:

Arab Community Centre of Toronto
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Rasha Mehyar
Position: Settlement Manager
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (416) 231-7746 ext 245

  • Name of Program Description
    Settlement Services One-on-One Live Chat, providing information, referral, and support to access resources.
    Customized Settlement and integration plans
    Citizenship classes
    English Conversation Circles
    SAWA Workshops (health, financial, parenting, etc.) – Every Thursday @ 2:30 pm
    Youth Services Youth Programs
    Senior Programs Liqaá (Meet up for Seniors)
    Hand-in-hand Homework Help Homework Help online for age groups 9-14
    Employment Services Job Search, Resume and Cover Letter
    Community Connections Dardashat (women support group-meets weekly online)- Every Tuesday at 2:30pm
CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Meghan Wankel
Position: Program Coordinator, Pre-Arrival Supports and Services
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-226-2800 Ext. 234

Name of Program Description
STARS (Supports, Training and Access to Regulated-employment Services) (Online and in-person)
STARS assists internationally educated nurses (IENs) to become registered and re-established in their nursing careers across Ontario.

  • Individual case management
  • Licensure exam review
  • Nursing language and communication courses
  • Group and individual employment supports
  • Observational job shadowing
  • CoursePark online learning tool
  • Customized professional development workshops
PASS (Pre-Arrival Supports and Services) (Online)
PASS assists internationally educated nurses before they arrive in Canada, offering supports and services designed to shorten the time that they spend upon arrival to professional registration and employment.

  • Individual case management
  • Information and orientation webinars on the Canadian health care system and assessment process
  • Employment-related supports
  • Online nursing communication courses
  • Mentorship opportunities with the Canadian Nurses Association
    Post-arrival referrals for language, employment and settlement services
Delta Family Resource Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Ken Williams
Position: Program Manager
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (416) 747, 1172

Name of Program Description
Ounce of Prevention (Oz) OZ is an Africentric wraparound initiative that assists black/racialized youth and their families who are involved with the criminal justice system (CJS). Oz is staffed with family counselors, youth justice, pre-release and reintegration workers who provide holistic care and critical healing for African, Caribbean, and racialized youth and families.
Oz provides FREE

  • Family and individual counseling
  • Support in court
  • Support while incarcerated
  • Support after release
  • Connections to various community supports

Success Story
The Ounce of Prevention” (OZ) program. Funded by Public Safety Canada, OZ is a newly established “wraparound Afrocentric initiative” aimed at assisting Black and racialized youth, (and their families), to navigate their way through the courts, encounters with the police and correctional facilities. Oz is made up of five partner agencies: the Delta Family Resources Centre (Delta Family), For Youth Initiative, Somali Woman and Children, Think 2wice and Urban Rez Solutions. OZ describes itself as being “on a mission to create a Toronto in which the future of Black youth and racialized youth is not determined by their interactions with CJS by providing family and individual counseling, as well as support in court, while incarcerated, after release, and other services." “We are responding to the overrepresentation of Black and racialized youth in the criminal justice system,” said Ken William, the programme manager at the Delta Family Resource Centre told The Caribbean Camera. “The good news is that we already have a staff of 12 who are very well connected, within the court service, with duty councilors, the correctional institutions and the police.” “We are often contacted by police officers that want our help in having a diversion rather than an arrest! They are aware of our programmes.” It is clear that Black and racialized youth are overrepresented in our criminal justice systems. OZ will not only support Black and racialized youth as they navigate the criminal justice system but, more importantly, ensure that their past does not hinder their future,” said Mayor Tory. “This program makes a strong case for the need and the importance of Black-led and Black-serving organizations. It is vital to invest in our communities, particularly in Toronto’s Black communities, which continue to face social and economic barriers."

Jane Alliance Neighborhood Services
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Sagar Nyaupane
Position: Program Coordinator for Youth
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-249-6742

Name of Program Description
E-3: Education, Engagement and Empowerment Project for youth (15 to 29)

  • Inspirational speeches given by Black Canadian in various career fields.
  • Recreation activities which include movie nights at JANS.
  • Educational workshops which involve presentations given by academics and advocates (subject Expert) on racism and discrimination, equity in democracy, civil rights, and inclusive citizenship.
Jane/Finch Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person:  Pablo Vivanco
Position:  Program Director
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416 663 2733 ext 243

Name of Program Description
Informal Conversation Circle – Adults Newcomers (Online)
Zoom Meeting Every Monday from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Conversation group cover topics of Life in Canada, Resources and Referrals about services in the community
Settlement Services

  • Online appointments support with Government Forms as: Housing, Education, Social Services Permanent Resident Card, Citizenship application, Work Permit, Study Permit, and PR card for Protected Person.
  • Housing and education upgrading support
  • Solution Focus Informal Counselling
  • Intimate Partner Violence support
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Provide relevant information about settlement and community services to increase the health of Jane Finch Community.
  • Interpretation, translation, advocacy and provision of relevant information about settlement services in Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Sinhala, Edo, Ishan, Karen, Burmese and Creole speaking languages.
Weekly Tamil Speaking Mental Health Support Group
Zoom Meeting Every Tuesday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Conversation group cover topics of Mental Health, Life Skills, Healthy Relationship, Addiction, PTSD, Life events, Financial Literacy and other more.
“New Path” Weekly Radio Program on Settlement Issues
Radio Meeting Every Sunday 1:30 to 4:00 pm
Geethavani Tamil Toronto Radio – online
Awareness Program Addressing Settlement Issues for Tamil Community (Addiction, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Immigration, Housing, Racisms, Employer Rights and Isms)
 Virtual Math Tutoring Grade 4- 11
Zoom Meeting Every Monday from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person:  Domenic Cutulle
Position:  Manager, Programs & Services
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone: (416) 231-2295 ext 2292, direct line (416) 253-2992

Name of Program Description
Employment Services (Online and in-person) (by appointment only) (LakeShore & Dufferin Location)
Program supports job seekers and employers looking to hire. One on one employment & job search support in all pre-employment areas and assistance with job matching with Employers to fill job openings.
Canada Ontario Job Grant (Online) (Lakeshore & Dufferin Location)
Program to assist employers in training their workforce by reimbursing part of the cost of training for new and/or existing employees.
Youth Job Connection (YJC)/Youth Job Connection - Summer (YJC-S)/ Foundation for Youth (FYS) (Online and in-person) (by appointment only) (219 Dufferin St. Location)
YJC program serves youth ages 15 – 29 facing barriers to employment. YJC-S serves youth 15 – 18 who are in school with summer and/or seasonal employment. FYS offers youth life skill training and mentorship initiatives needed for employment.
Employment Accessibility for Students (Online & In-person) (by appointment only) (219 Dufferin St. Location)
Supports recent graduates with verifiable disabilities prepare for, obtain & maintain competitive employment.
Capability (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (2390 LakeShore Blvd. W Location)
Supports persons with disabilities; verified or unverified, to enhance employability skills and find job prospects
Newcomer Settlement Program (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (41 Chauncey Ave Location)
Program is designed to address barriers experienced by newcomer immigrant and refugee women. Improves access and connections to supports and opportunities for integration into the Canadian community.
TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (210 Dufferin St. Location)
Matching new immigrants to Canada with Mentors to help build their professional network & share labour market advice.
Senior Mentorship & Connection (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (219 Dufferin St. Location)
Increases and strengthens community connections for seniors (55 years of age & older), while enhancing their important role in society through volunteerism and community involvement.
Collaboration Catalysts Partnership (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (41 Chauncey Ave Location)
This program engages volunteers to be actively involved in the settlement sector supporting the work of service providers.
Mentoring Pathways to Employment (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (2390 LakeShore Blvd. W. Location)
This program empowers skilled newcomers in finding and retaining employment in line with their education, skills and experience
Employer Engagement for Immigrant Integration (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) (41 Chauncey Ave Location)
This program offers newcomers one on one support, job readiness, workshop series access & networking events with employers.
North York Women’s Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person:  Taraneh Vejdani
Position:  Coordinator/Facilitator, Group Programs
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-769-9775

Name of Program Description
NYWC Women's Empowerment Series (Online)
A set of skill-based group programs that focus on building women’s strength and personal power. The series consists of three 9-week programs: Discovering our Power, Exploring our Potential, and Asserting Ourselves. To register for 2021 groups, register here:
For more details, please visit:
Virtual Women's Lounge drop-in space (Online)
Group support during weekly drop-in session every Friday 3-4 pm on Zoom. We explore a wide range of theme and topics such as emotional well-being, financial literacy, self-care, family law, etc.
Tech-Savvy Empowered Older Women (Online & in-person)
Contact: Ana at [email protected]
Providing tablets and digital literacy training to help low-income, isolated older women get their needs met.
NYWC One-on-One Support (Online)
Providing support and information through phone call, email, video-call

"Dear Sana,
I am really happy to meet you. You teach me a lot. Thank you for everything. You are very patient and kind. I will write down all you teach me today and I will write down what I don't know and I am afraid to click. Next time when you come you can teach me. You are good teacher and I really appreciate you teach me. English and computer I just learning day by day. In my country we did not have those things when we were there and we were young. All things I am learning after I came to Canada. Getting old is not easy. Since I have cancer I try to learn every thing. 2003 started my treatment and until 2020 (17) years is a long journey. I went through the hard time. I understand tomorrow is a good day. So I always think positive. Hope is a strong word for me. Stay safe when you see clients Thanks again and take care. Best wishes always, Mary" (a Tech-Savvy Empowered Older Woman Participant)

Rexdale Women’s Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Letoia Lindsay
Position:  Community Engagement Worker - Outreach for Rexdale Women’s Centre
Email: [email protected] 
Telephone: 416-745-0062 Ext 295

Name of Program Description
RWC Newcomer Information Centre Online Services  (Online)
Providing customized settlement plan over the phone, online employment support, newcomer youth groups, senior services, health and wellness online fitness and healthy living support, online healthy family relationship groups, online parenting support, domestic violence and counselling.

  • Information and Referrals, including Education and Training, Credential Assessment, Language Training, government form filling, work permit application, Canadian Citizenship application support, resume building, job market support, community connection group etc.
  • Workshops, cover topics of Life in Canada, Study in Canada, community resources.
  • In-person appointment- With Video Conferencing. In- person appointment
    Our Office is temporarily not available for in person services due to Covid-19.

For more information, please call: 416-745-0062
Email: [email protected]

Success Story

  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Julia Li
Position:  Medical Receptionist
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (416) 926-9762 ext 256

Name of Program Description
Harm Reduction Program For women & Trans folks with lived experience with substance use, and / or Mental Health and Sex work. For Harm Reduction contact Zahra Bolouk at: [email protected] or 416-926-9762, ext.266
Community Support Program For women & Trans folks identifies from homeless, refugees, and other marginalized communities. For Community Support contact Jeanette Blair at [email protected] or 416-926-9762, ext.226
Drop-In For Drop In contact Lisa Medeiros at [email protected] or 416-926-9762, ext.246
The Career Foundation
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Christina Montauti
Position: Manager of Community Partnerships and Special Initiatives
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-235-1091 ext. 26

Name of Program Description
Employment Services (Online)

Empowering Abilities Program (EAP) (Online)
If you are a person with a disability who is looking for individualized assistance to get employed, Empowering Abilities program is designed for you!

Youth Job Connection (YJC) program (Online)
Provides year-round pre-employment and life skills training as well as job placement support and mentoring to youth.

  • Comprehensive pre-employment training and job search services;
  • Paid job placements with supports for participants, and hiring incentives for employers;
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities;
  • Education and work transitions supports;

Success Story
C.D. came to The Career Foundation seeking assistance with her job search after living and working outside of Canada for 15 years. Although she was a Canadian Citizen, she found that employers were hesitant to hire her due to her perceived lack of Canadian experience. She met with an Employment Specialist who recommended resources related to her goals and coached her on best practices. C.D. attended workshops and participated in job fairs, and was ultimately hired for a management role with a Canadian mortgage broker. With support from The Career Foundation, C.D. was able to accomplish this at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. C.D. is still working with the same employer and is very happy with her new role.
Client Testimonial:
Thank you all at The Career Foundation. Everybody there gave me the most professional advice—from the volunteer at the front desk to the professionals leading workshops and recommending career fairs. Steve in particular kindly reviewed my CV and cover letter, gave me tips for interviews, and instructed me on how to write thank-you letters to potential employers. I feel thankful and I know these services are very important for all of us seeking employment. Don´t take anything for granted; access these high-quality services and professionals and it will make a difference in your job search!

The Learning Enrichment Foundation
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Elisa Martinez-Reyes
Position: Director, Client Engagement
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-769-0830 ext 2552

Name of Program Description
Newcomer Services (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)

  • One on one supports and information workshops in various settlement topics
  • Information and referrals for healthcare, housing, Furniture Bank and other services
  • Skills building opportunities including computer training, English conversations circles, volunteering
  • Citizenship classes
  • Assistance with immigration, Child Tax Benefit, Canada Pension Plan and other applications
Employment Services (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)

  • One-on-one job search supports
  • Skills development, career development and job search workshops
  • Resume writing and interview preparation
  • Work placement opportunities and employer incentives
  • Help with apprenticeship and Second Career Program Applications
English Language Classes (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) 

  • Language instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), Literacy Level 1 to 7
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced English skills training
  • Literacy support for adult learners
  • Childcare and transportation support available
Alternative Careers in Health Promotion & Education for International Medical Graduates Bridging Program (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)
Information about the program including training dates is available by phone: 416-769-0830 ext. 2054 or online:
Supports for Internationally Trained Individuals and Foreign Credentials Recognition Loan Program (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)
Career planning, supports for Foreign Credential Recognition including loans
Questions? Contact (416) 769-0830 ext.2113 / [email protected]
Youth Services (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)

  • Youth job search supports
  • Leadership and volunteering opportunities
  • Education and career planning
  • Community engagement activities
Training Programs and Certification (Online & in-person) (by appointment only)

  • Early Childhood Assistance (ECA) Training
  • Industrial Skills Training
  • Bicycle Assembly & Maintenance (BAM) Training
  • New: Social Entrepreneurship Skills for Newcomers
Seniors Program (Online & in-person) (by appointment only) Social and recreational activities including Art, Sewing, Knitting and conversation circles
All services are offered 9:00AM and 4:30PM, Monday to Friday
Services are available in Amharic, Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Mandarin, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Tigrinya, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu & Vietnamese.
Toronto Catholic District School Board
  • Updated December 2020

Contact person: Kay Ham
Position: Program Consultant, TCDSB Adult Education Program
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (416) 397-6551

Please note, because of the current restriction measures due to COVID-19, all TCDSB Adult Ed classes have moved to virtual remote delivery till December 18, 2020.

Name of Program Description
Language Training Program (Hybrid model)

  • Face-to-face in class instructions with COVID 19 protocols in place to LINC and ESL eligible adult immigrants who possess valid language proficiency assessment results AND Online study from home
  • LINC and ESL in Levels 0-8 across the City of Toronto
    Class size is reduced
Language Training Program

  • Completely online programs using Learning Management System for LINC and ESL & FSL eligible adult immigrants who possess valid language proficiency assessment results
  • LINC and ESL in Levels 0-8 across the City of Toronto

Success Story

Defeng from China:

Toronto District School Board
Name of Program Description
Enhanced Language Training Program (ELT) (Online)
Contact person: Pallavi Mauji
Position: Community Services Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-996-2268
Enhanced Language Training is a FREE 14-week labour market access program which includes an 8-week in-class training portion and the opportunity to obtain a 6-week work placement. Clients receive instruction in business English, Canadian workplace culture, and 40 hours of sector specific information and employability skills. Job development support is provided to obtain employment. Note: Program may change to a blended delivery subject to client availability for January 2021.
Success Story:
Essential Skills Upgrading program (Online)
Contact person: Sam Sanfilippo
Position:  ESU Program Officer
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-396-6905
Non-credit, adult program that helps clients improve their reading, writing, and math skills, as well as their employability and workplace skills. The Essential Skills Upgrading Program is now open to serve new and returning learners. New intake is by appointment only -- call the regional office most convenient for you and our staff will explain how you can register for our program.  Option of in-person or remote assessments.
Success Story:
On the Line – Youth Culinary Training Program (Hybrid Model)
Contact person: Karen Ellsworth
Position: Project Clerk
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-393-0350
We Offer:
• 5 weeks of intensive kitchen training and pre-employment support
• Food Safety, HACCP & WHMIS certificates
• Participants will get paid for 30h per week
• 10 weeks of paid work placement following the training
• 15-30 years old at the time of intake
• A Canadian Citizen, or permanent resident or a protected person as defined by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
• Legally entitled to work in Canada
Studio 500 (Hybrid Model)
Contact person: Cynthia Contractor
Position: Community Services Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-394-7412
Pre-Apprenticeship: This program prepares participants to enter the Hairstylist Trade as a Registered Apprentice.
Apprenticeship: Through this program, apprentices are prepared to write the Certificate of Qualification Examination for Hairstylists in Ontario and to be successful in this competitive industry through the provision of theoretical instruction in techniques such as cutting, styling, colouring physiology, hygiene and salon management and gain practical hands-on experience.
Hairstylist Apprentices require two levels of theory training. Studio 500 offers this in the following ways:
Full time: 5 days a week, 8 weeks for each level
Part time: 2 days a week, 16 weeks for each level
Success Story:
VPI Working Solutions, Etobicoke – Employment Service Centre
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Frank Kelly
Position: Manager VPI Working Solutions Etobicoke
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-255-8400

Name of Program Description
Information and Referrals This includes; Education and Training, Credential Assessments, Language Training, etc.
These cover a number of topics related to finding work in Canada.
In-person appointment (unavailable)
Please note that in-person appointments are temporarily suspended due to COVID 19. However, remote services are available and we are still providing relevant labor market information and assisting with job searches.
YMCA – Language Assessment and Referral Centre (CLARS)
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Sandra Loughead
Position: Team Leader for CLARS
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-741-6994, extension 30215

Name of Program Description

YMCA-Language Assessment and Referral Centre (CLARS)

We provide immigrants in Canada with English and French language assessments for government-funded programs at no cost. Language assessment are offered online, and in-person to those who cannot access our online services. Based on assessment results a certified language assessor refers clients to government-funded English and/or French programs offered by community partners. Government-Funded Programs includes: LINC/ESL, CLIC/FSL and ELT and OSLT programs. To book an appointment for English and French assessments email us at [email protected] or call us at 416-925-5462 to add yourself on the assessment call list.

Success Story

Youth Employment Services - YES
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Alan Ott
Position: Manager, Youth Job Centre
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-656-8900

Name of Program Description
Job Central Program (Online)

  • Online 3 week paid pre-employment program for youth up to 30 years old, out of school and out of work looking for full-time employment
  • Group based webinars help develop winning resumes and interview techniques, plus financial literacy skills
    Paid work experience through a 10-week job placement, that can result in long-term employment

Success Story
Here is a link to the success story of a client who completed our Job Central program. YES helped change his life by helping him get the job he needed and setting him on the path to success!

YWCA Toronto
  • Updated September 2020

Contact person: Qaiser Khan
Position:  Employment/Outreach Coordinator,
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (647) 354-2618 or (416) 994-9461

Name of Program Description
YWCA JUMP Etobicoke (Online)

  • Webinars on settlement topics for newcomer women.
  • Webinars to provide online trainings, ie. Food Handling, WHMIS,
  • Online one-on-one individual appointments & Information and referrals
  • Online Employment Counselling; resume critique, interview preparation, and online job search support

Contact: 416 964 3883 or [email protected]

  • One-on-one appointments for employment or settlement needs
  • Some in person trainings gradually being introduced. With reduced capacity for social distancing purposes.
  • Monthly Calendar available on the website of all in person and remote services
YWCA English Language Skills Development (Online)

  • Registration to Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes and support services
  • LINC classes offered from beginner to Canadian Language Benchmark Level 6 for newcomer women
  • Classes follow a blended learning programming with two (2) days in-person classes on site and the rest of the week online.
  • Interested clients will have to take an assessment to determine initial benchmark levels at the YMCA Assessment Centre.

Contact 416 573 4291 or [email protected] for information on specific class schedules.

Success Story
“I came to YWCA as a new immigrant his February. I met the counsellor at JUMP a few times regarding my resume and you were kind enough to provide me guidance. I'm happy to let you know that I found a job! I work at as a production worker. Though, it is not the ideal job for my qualifications and experience I consider this a great opportunity to get Canadian experience. Although I joined as a general laborer I got a lot of training opportunities and I think I'm going to get a promotion soon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support at a time when I knew only a handful of people in Canada”.

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